Welcome to Bohai Operational Hindcast and Forecast Service System!

Bohai Operational Hindcast and Forecast Service System (BOSS) was established to permit an assessment of ocean, weather, environmental, and vessel traffic conditions throughout the Bohai strait regions. The system is designed to provide a knowledge of meteorological and oceanographic conditions both in real-time and forecasted out to 72 hours in the YanTai Bay, Liaodong Bay, Bohai Strait and Yellow River Delta regions. In this web site you will see graphic images of: water level; surface and bottom temperature; surface and bottom salinity; surface and bottom currents.

BOSS will be the first of its kind to utilize Google Map and Java rendering technique to dynamically display model output. By doing so, it maximized the efficiency of presenting model output to the user right away while the model finished its simulation. In this system, user will be able to view various contour images, time series and vertical profile of any particular location on the map dynamically, simultaneously powered by Java technique.

The real-time analysis and forecast system was designed by Dr. Liang Kuang and supported by Zhi Qian. Specially thanks to Prof. Alan F. Blumberg for his guidance and support.

The system is a still a work-in-progress and currently in update constantly.