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Dr. Kuang Liang (匡良)

Liang Kuang had his Ph.D degree with Major in Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology under guidance of Prof. Alan F. Blumberg. Now Dr. Kuang is working at a global financial information company with his role of creating world-class machine learning models for various high-impact forecast,exploring and deploying the most advanced machine learning algorithms to provide the best financial information to the clients. Dr. Kuang used to working on Operational Storm Surge Model development for NOAA between 2015-2016 after worked in one of the global leading consulting firm (ERM Group) as a leading ocean engineer for three years and he has over 7 years of experience managing studies that characterize coastal ocean hydrodynamics and simulate the fate and transport of sediments and contaminants (including oil spill modeling) in the marine environment.  He has worked on numerous projects for research institutes and industry clients with data analysis and prediction of hydrodynamics and water quality using various ocean models.

Dr. Kuang worked extensively on coastal ocean modeling (Princeton Ocean Model, POM; EFDC and GEMSS), sediment transport modeling (ECOMSED) and particle tracking modeling (GNOME, ECOM), with focus on data assimilation of High Frequency (HF) radar surface currents. Dr. Kuang assimilated these HF radar surface currents into New York Harbor Observation and Prediction System (NYHOPS) and validated the numerical model systematically using different technologies and statistical methods.


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